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The Freelance Monocle Podcast

Dec 28, 2018

The Freelance Monocle is a lens into the freelance life of motion design. The conversations we have on the show are meant to dive deeper into the nuances of freelance that people may not be familiar with, or that aren't widely discussed. These might include topics such as dealing with late payments, managing the hold system, how to build a better network and client base, available tools that help with your freelance career, and more. 

We ultimately want to empower the freelancer by sharing detailed accounts from active professionals in the field, and offer solutions and tools that will help the freelancer become more successful. This is also meant to give an honest perspective on freelance for people who may be considering the career shift, or to provide some resources to active freelancers. 

*The music tracks used in this show are provided by Wesley Slover, and you can find his music and services on his website -