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The Freelance Monocle Podcast

Dec 28, 2018

Today we have Ryan Summers on the podcast to chat about the freelance world, and he shares his insight on some of his experiences with freelance. Ryan has worked at some very notable places in LA and Chicago, and has a ton of great experience and knowledge in the field of motion design and visual effects. He shares with us some of the challenges he faced while freelancing, specifically with a big late payment issue and also navigating the hold system. 

Ryan also shares with us not only the challenges he's faced as a freelancer, but also as a creative director. He also gives us insight on why some studios have difficulty booking or paying freelancers, so this gives us some very valuable perspective. He also also gives some advice on how you can position yourself better when going into a studio as a freelancer, and set the tone for the relationship with your clients. 

*Ryan is also available to chat with folks in the industry, and you can find his calendar in the link provided below:

Ryan Summers Office Hours



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